andrewvee asked:

I'm so amazed at your work! Please, who inspires you? What are some of your favorite comics?


Gosh, thanks, that’s super nice of you to say! My inspirations are frequent and far spread, but historically I’m a big fan of Egon Schiele, Gustav Dore, Hiroshi Yoshida, Mary Cassatt, and Käthe Kollwitz’s drawings and prints. 90% of my inspiration comes from my classmates and friends, and a ton of it also comes from contemporary working illustrators of which there are far too many to name! A few people I keep up with are Sam Vanellemeersch, Dadu Shin, Sam Bosma, Nemo Ramjet, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Mortis Ghost, Tom Scholes, Richie Pope, and Wesley Allsbrook. Look those guys up, they’re great!

I don’t read a whole lot of comics, but I’m just now falling in love with Dave McKean’s work, and some print series that have stuck with me are Locke and Key, Blankets, V for Vendetta, The Veil, Bone, and Nonplayer. Also, anything KC Green makes and his webcomic Gunshow!

Finally got around to scanning a final batch of 3”x5” drawings from cafe hopping over the last month or so, and a marked increase in drawings of my classmates during critiques.

revolt of the flesh, call of the void

Props @radiohatkid for the bitmap idea

My Instagram is stuck posting to my personal blog, so here’s this!

and some sketches to fall asleep in class to

Aaaand some figure drawins. Two minute and fifteen minute drawings.

For an assignment to create a Scrawl-esque piece. Ho boy. Shoutout to my roommate Jacob for letting me borrow his Yiynova all night.

Some non-school drawings from this week, a self portrait and a drawing of one of the administrative buildings on my campus. Showing off my new piercing, haha!


The character to complement Capucine (:

A comic I made for class

• Capucine •

I’m excited to be collaborating with my good friend Heather Andrews as a part of my class. I’ll be designing characters and doing turn arounds for her to animate as a part of her character animation homework, and creating backgrounds for the animations as well [later]. This is Capucine! She’ll have a partner within the week.

Today and I got the exciting news that I had two pieces accepted in the Society of Illustrators 2014 Student Scholarship Contest Congrats to everyone who was accepted into the contest! It’s such a high honor to be a part of this.

Student Scholarship Competition 2014: Student Scholarship 2014

Some more weirdo character designs. They’re brothers.


Anonymous asked:

is a lot of the stuff you make/post digital art? great stuff, man


Semi-digital most of the time. I draw traditionally more often than not in graphite, brush, and pen, then scan, and finish with digital color. Thank you for the kind words!